New Mooning.

The New Moon was conjunct Black Moon Lilith, the lunar apogee, which is the furthest point of the moon’s elliptic. From here, Grandmother Moon retrieved the full dose of feminine mayhem and the shrieks of the collective banshees have since been heard all around and from within each of us. The upcoming Full Lunar Eclipse will project these shrieks into full screams as you let yourself be known, heard and honoured for your ultimate worth. The Black Moon Lilith ingressed into Taurus shortly after the New Moon, satisfied that her seeds had been planted.

This lunar cycle has a very Martian feel to it too. In the Sidereal charts the New Moon occurred in Aries and the Full will be in Scorpio, both signs that are ruled by Mars. So while the anima has violently broken free of herself, the animus was left uncertain. His square to Chiron at the time of the New Moon expresses his struggle to assert himself in the sudden feminine explosion before him, and he understands that in order to equalise with himself again that he needs to go beyond his creature habits. Mars formed a sextile to Uranus too, further emphasising his shocking discovery but the yod aspect they both make to the Dragon’s Tail (where the eclipse will soon occur) tells him that he needs to blow apart his own ingrained habits that have so far got him along in life.

Between now and the Eclipse Mars makes no aspects to either planet or asteroid, and being in Sidereal Gemini, it’s as if he has lost his voice. Gobsmacked, jaw on the floor. He cant believe his fate! As luck would have it though, his consort Venus offers him a more appeasing feminine form for him to compose himself with, just as the True Lilith retreats with a smirk into her retrograde back to the New Moon position in order to reclaim some more of her power and strength.

Mars and Venus will eventually form their union on July 12 in a conjunction with the Moon in Cancer, a place where they can make hospitable their own socially acceptable versions of the divine union, as True Lilith dances in the flames being expelled from the Dragons Head before them.

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Lightly As You Go.

Within the same week of the Scorpio Supermoon and Pluto Stationing, we have the annual conjunction of the Sun and Uranus.

Uranus is another of the outer transpersonal planets, one of the ice giants of our solar system. Where Pluto and Scorpio both value personal transformation, Uranus too encourages you to bring reform to your thinking.  Uranus sits opposite to his exaltation in Scorpio, fully lit by the consciousness of the Sun and making you aware of materialistic changes that you need to make in the now. And all of this just as we are about to begin Eclipse season.

The Fool begins a new journey through the zodiac today, eager and naive as he goes. No longer with any attachments you get to take that joyous leap into the void with only your faith to guide you across to the other side of yourself.

It’s time to sage your demons and turn the page.

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Two Hands Full.

In the sidereal astrology charts, Mercury and Mars are sitting pretty comfortably in mutual reception to each other.  This is making the mind quite active and your speech is clear and direct too. You can communicate what you mean with gusto, even to the point of confrontation.  Put your needs first for a bit to get you to where you want to be.

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Mystical Alignment.

Sidereal Moon in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn, within their perfect rulership are completing a circuit with the Lunar Nodes. Together they are securing a free flow of precision and empathy today that you can cultivate with your own grand sense of integrity and honesty.
People will respond well when you hold yourself together with your head high and ask for exactly what you want and need, the Universe included.

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Because you’re worth it.

Asteroid Juno goes retrograde today, the day of the New Moon. As you throw yourself into your new projects, Juno wants you to take a look at the relationships that go along with them and whether you are experiencing your true worth and partner equality.

Perhaps even between now and early August (when she ends her retrograde) you may realize that the balance between your projects and your relationships are in themselves unequal. Juno is known for her jealousy too, so are there jealousies between you or are you looking outwards and are jealous of the success of others?

Observe the dynamics that are operating around you and quantify whether those things are really worth your time and effort.

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Venus and Jupiter are creating some lucky vibes for us all today. Tap in to the universe to receive your fill of charm and excess, even if you just spend your day doing as little as possible and call it leisure!

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High Times.

After the busy-ness of the past few days it’s time to enjoy the benefits of the Moon getting closer to Jupiter, and you get to kick back and kick up your heels.

Mars and Venus join together too so you don’t have to go dancing alone.

⭐The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

Love and Worth.

Venus and Ceres complete their conjunction today that was recently illuminated by the Full Moon. The self care plan that you initiated then is now set in stone. With spirit renewed and vital, you are committed to making yourself whole again enough to expand across the galaxies.

⭐The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.