Clear Pools

NEW MOON in Pisces: 31/3 – 2/4.

Everything you need to know is already stored within you, and your ancestors let you know when the pools are clear enough to read child. Warm hands on your soul, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pallas, Chiron and Eris make it so. This all flows just fine, so go plant those seeds for tomorrow.

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New Leaders

NORTH NODE in Aries: 27/3/22 – 14/10/23.

Take me to your leader, nah jk, being agreeable is old hat when there are revolucións to be had. The movers and the dreamers will represent! And the meek shall inherit the Earth.

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Solar Eclipse

Mars takes one last look over his shoulder before stepping out and (True) Lilith tells him not to hit his arse on the door on his way out. Men look at women, women look at men looking at themselves, and Mars is dismayed that he is being treated as an object.

With the Moon eclipsing the Sun what do you do with your bruised ego? Sore and tender, this lunar cycle has not been kind to the uninitiated. To the bravest goes a renewed sense of purpose, with the stripping away of inner debris. To those that still have something to prove, well, Mars’ entrance into Leo could help you to pull off your bluff while you recollect your senses.

The only close aspect to this Solar Eclipse is its conjunction to Mercury’s retrograde. This is the second time he has been in this position already but it’s ok, for all the slow learners in the back row Mercury will return to this degree on July 3rd. Hopefully, you will finish reading the stale chapters of your book by then.

Done and dusted.

This Eclipse marks the closing of the doors to the last 6 months. It may not have felt like it, but there were protective Angels watching over you leading you to where you deserve to be right now.

Step out.

And don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

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