I Know You Do

JUNO in Aquarius: 7/4/22 – 2/2/23.

I love you. I know you do. Let’s do that thing together and be cool about it.  Okay, sounds fun.

Juno Retrograde: 25/7 – 23/10/22.

You wanna go check out the moon? Yup. Good, me too.

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Steady Love

JUNO IN Capricorn: 20/1 – 7/4.

Juno grows tired watching Venus’ flirtations and steps her golden sandals across into the real world, where she sings “ Straight up! Now tell me, do you really wanna love me forever?”

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Because you’re worth it.

Asteroid Juno goes retrograde today, the day of the New Moon. As you throw yourself into your new projects, Juno wants you to take a look at the relationships that go along with them and whether you are experiencing your true worth and partner equality.

Perhaps even between now and early August (when she ends her retrograde) you may realize that the balance between your projects and your relationships are in themselves unequal. Juno is known for her jealousy too, so are there jealousies between you or are you looking outwards and are jealous of the success of others?

Observe the dynamics that are operating around you and quantify whether those things are really worth your time and effort.

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