Here is a fun list of my astrology and tarot consultations to get started with:

🌠Stars In Her Eyes: sparkle and shine when you connect in with your own unique cosmic blueprint during your Birth Chart Consultation. Take a journey into soul as you explore your Birth Chart and catch the stars in a basket.

🌀What’s In It For Me?: a Planetary Transit Consultation that looks ahead to forecast the what’s hot and what’s not of what’s to come.

☕Tea For Two: dip your biscuits into this Love Synastry Consultation and learn how to speak the secret language of each other’s body and soul.

🍃Peas In A Pod: sweet peas or split peas? Explore the inner dynamics of your pod with this Family Synastry Consultation and water every member of the vine with even more love.

🌈Truth Bomb Tarot Reading: see the writing on the wall with these honest and compassionate Tarot Readings. Fun, fast and to the point.

All of my Astrology Consultations and Tarot Readings are booked in time blocks and are protected by our guides and ancestors.

All consultations are done via video and recorded on Zoom with payments made through PayPal.

30 Minute Consultation


60 Minute Consultation


90 Minute Consultation


To speak with me to secure your consultation, and for all related enquires, simply fill in this form and I will reply to you very soon.

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