Lockdown with Love

👩‍🚀Captains Log: Saturn entered Aquarius today and I’ve begun lockdown.

As Mars also draws nearer to 0° Aquarius expect some more sudden, harsh, realistic and humane decisions to be made. And, with the extra Aries energy about we will all be acting on it fast to increase the healing of the world. Our subconscious has already prepared us for what we need to do as we step through the portal.

❤The current Pisces Moon transit will help us to connect to our inner peace, love and compassion as we enter this next phase. As I lay down to cry earlier my heart and third eye communicated images to me with feelings of joy and the humble experiences that lie in wait for me. Already, the smiles and laughter of my children are showing me the way forward.

Open yourself up to receiving.

✌Peace out brothers, sisters and warriors of the Light. I love you. Keep in touch.

⭐I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

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