Pluto and Persephone

In Sidereal: Anxious mother Ceres entered Sagittarius on the 3rd in search of her daughter Persephone, and with the jealous intent of ‘rescuing’ her from her devoted husband Pluto (Hades). The Moon was conjunct Pluto at this moment as he held close to him the woman that feeds his soul.

Then the arrival of Jupiter in Sagittarius also on the 9th brought in the embodiment of all good things to come. With the return of the King on his throne, all the luck and good fortunes shall be blessed upon the people. The Moon was square the Nodes at this time and created a new spiritual vision of the future.

And today, Pluto and Persephone join together in one last kiss and they painfully pull their hearts apart as he releases her from his Underworld, with the Moon in opposition to them highlighting their separation. Their honeymoon is over for now.

Persephone’s return to Earth, and her entrance into Capricorn on the 1st of December will improve agriculture and seasonal warmth. For a Spring that has been slow to start here, I see this moment as a beautiful blessing and I welcome the Dark Queen back with plenty of girl power! The Moon will be right alongside her when she does.

With Pluto in mourning for his beloved bride, he prepares himself for the imminent destruction of the old ways when he meets most fatalistically in the great conjunction with Ceres, Saturn and the Sun on January 13…..

⭐I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

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