Pisces season and the Mercury Retrograde within served to raise humankind’s devotion to the highest levels of compassion and spiritual devotion. With Mercury turning retrospective on the same day that Chiron entered Aries, you saw the sign that a new age of active healing energy is upon us all.

As Mars and Venus squared off in an archetypal duel echoed by these New and Full Moons, you got to experience the awareness of the masculine and feminine energies within you. And both of them challenged you to put your money where your mouth is. But this hasn’t been any boring old battle of the sexes, because Uranus has been charging the air with electrical shocks and revelations! Literally ZAP!

When Mars moved on doing his Martian thang, Venus super-charged herself with Uranian free-thought and emotional upgrades. Joining forces with the radical Lilith, she set her give-no-fucks laser to maximum capacity, and Eris tells her to fire at will!

Armed to the teeth with confidence, unconvention and a brand new attitude, you enter this new utopian landscape with your serious game face on. Vesta lights her flame now on the Vernal Point, shining a beacon for all of you wonderful freaks out there to step out of the shadows and blaze in your own divine glory!

With the Aries New Moon now upon you, get out there and kick butt! 😉

⭐ I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

Shoot me a message today to book your next fire Astro-Consult, I’m currently making appointments for next week. So let’s get Astrologizing!

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