The Divine In All Of Us.

An active grand trine across the Air signs is afoot, bringing with it an uplevel in the feminine consciousness.

The Moon meets with Pallas and Haumea in Libra, giving birth to co-operative plans and peaceful ambitions. But, of course that peace isn’t merely for peace’s sake, for it masks an inner rebellion that is demanding of recognition and equality. Venus and Lilith are teaming up in Aquarius; I’d like to call them the madonna and the whore but Venus is not immune from earthly desires and Lilith doesn’t care what you think. In Gemini, we see the asteroid Chaos shaking the boat, in this case it is shaking up your thoughts, your experiences, your beliefs and unveiling your potential.

Coccooning this free thought paradign is a pentagonial prism of incredible masculine strength and endurance. 2 Fingers of God point directly at the King of the Gods, Jupiter, in his own kingdom as well as at the courageous God of War and uber-masculinity, Mars in Venus’ domain.

The fifth point is the North Node in Cancer. The constant reminder that empathy and compassion is driving this ship. As the Priestess rises on Earth, so too does her Male counterpart. For one cannot exist without the other.

⭐ I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

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