Karl Lagerfeld.

I curiously entered the details of the late Karl Lagerfeld’s birth and death just now to see what the Universe had conspired, and I am not disappointed! (Chart is posted in the comments.)

The transitting Sun and Moon on the date of his transcendence was in alignment with his Natal Lunar Nodes and squaring his Natal Moon. This suggests to me a harmonic blending of ego (Sun) and emotions (Moon) with the perpetually spinning wheel of fate and a union with the whole self; past, present and future.

Furthermore, and aspecting his Sun are the transitting Nodes currently in Cancer and Capricorn and conjunct Pluto – God of Death! Then in another t-square, transitting Uranus could not change signs into Taurus, instead he hovers over Karl’s own Natal Uranus. This tells me that his death came quite fast!

His Natal Mercury-Neptune conjunction was opposite the current transitting Mercury-Neptune conjunction, he would have been in a daze (probably medicated) and seeing angels too. He likely spoke some beautiful and poetic last words as his imaginative soul continued to create art on his death bed.

The sudden and catastrophic end of an empire.

RIP Karl Lagerfeld 10/09/1933 – 19/02/2019. Your artistic visions made the world beautiful.

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