Love, Death, Balance, Flow.

The Moon is transitting through Libra and emphasising a need to relate to another, or to at least find the unity within oneself. The Moon is forming a conjunction with Iris the Messenger Goddess, harmonizing with Libra’s open communication and desire for pleasing aesthetics.

The balancing act is being challenged from all around, as this Libra Moon actually taps us in emotionally to the intense cardinal grand cross happening across the skies. Most striking is Libra’s ruling planet Venus rising each morning on the eastern horizon in a love and death dance with Pluto. She flirts charmingly with the God of the Underworld even though his steely eyes make her a little nervous. Fear not Venus, for a meeting with Pluto is life changing, you will discover that you have more to offer than just your vanity. Supported by Psyche, Chariklo and Circe, Venus sips of the mandrake wine and notices how her femininity is more than just skin deep, and together they weave magic to unify the soul with the heart, and to transform the self as a whole being within a single body.

Minerva, Amor and Eris together in the sign of Aries tempers the urge between the fight of a fated love and the destruction of the ego in order to surrender to that wholesome desire.

Dionysis in Cancer seeks out pleasure in a much more intimate setting, as described by his retrograde and the influence of his counterparts. And Hidalgo reminds him of what is important.

Each positioned at 21° – 23° of the cardinal signs, these heavenly bodies and mythological archetypes point us in the direction of an ecstatic union with ourselves. A union so rich in self-awareness and raw emotion that to be in one’s divine company is to be connected to source itself. A pulsating, magical bliss.

⭐ The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

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