Uranus’ Curtain Call

Those Uranians! Wacky and willful to a fault.

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and he likes to shake things up. As the higher octave of the Mercurial mind, Uranus takes the lid off conventional thought to create a new paradigm. Uranians are brilliant, creative and a little bit mad (but the best people usually are!).

Currently Uranus is wrapping up his stay in Aries for the last time in this lifetime for most of us, but not before joining in a conjunction with the Moon, Eris and Mars. For some this may be a challenging time with reactive emotions, but it is also a positive time to invest in new discoveries and innovative ideas that are as exciting as they are original.

To make the most of this electrifying energy, and to leap forward with courage and purpose PM me for an Astrology Reading this week.

⭐The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

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