Passionate, and Free-Thinking.

Oh awesomes! The Moon has moved out of that Capricorn shitstorm and into the freedom landscape known as Aquarius. Breaths of fresh air blow vividly through the imagination, breaking the mould and fearlessly starting a radical new genda away from the bureaucracy.

Mid-Aquarius we have a host of female archetypes preparing to return humanity to the humans:
Centaur Klotho at 15°.
Asteroid Vesta at 17°.
Black Moon Lilith at 17°.
Asteroid Aphrodite at 18°.
Centaur Okyrhoe at 19°.
And the asteroid Ophilia at 20°.

As the Moon connects in with each of the ladies they add their own special magic. Klotho’s visions will inspire you to begin with a fresh understanding of current events, as Vesta holds a dedicated flame to your pure ideals. Then the Black Moon Lilith will challenge the dogma that has kept souls enslaved in forced servitude, and boldly rejecting that which she despises. Aphrodite will then infuse you with love as Okyhroe stands up against unpopular opinion, and Ophilia will revel in the high drama of it all! Most of this will happen in your dreams tomorrow night AEST, but as the Moon leaves the sign of the Water-Bearer dont be surprised when you let the cat out of the bag as the Moon makes her curtain call with Pandora at 29°…because we all know what she did!

⭐ The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

To find your voice and claim your fate with planetary guidance, DM me your wishes to join me in an Astro-discovery as we explore your birth chart and the possibilities ahead of you.

Thanks for reading.

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