The Queen’s Darkness.

The Queen of the Gods transcended to the far reaches of her retrograde, only to be surprised by the sudden appearance of the God of the Underworld. “Your Majesty, what can I do for you?” He asks. “My Dark Lord” she replies “I’ve sunken into the darkest parts of my soul to take ownership of my hate, anger and jealousies arousing from the infidelities of my unfaithful husband, the King of the Gods.” Pluto’s penetrating gaze frees Juno of the guilt that she feels from the bitterness of her emotions, for the Queen deserves only the highest quality love and loyalty that she herself can give. With her own naked sexuality exposed by the secrets of the Dark Lord, she experiences what the focused intensity of connection feels like. Venus, Goddess of Love, views them from the shadows in erotic approval and feminine compassion.

⭐ I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

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