Solstice Completion.

The Sun God stands so proud and bright on his longest day of the year, in a final blaze of glory before the daylight decreases again in rhythmic seasonal shifts. As he reaches maximum brightness, he celebrates his entrance into powerful Capricorn.

Just as the Sun stands in his personal strength, so too does the Moon meet her maximum illumination in Cancer. Standing across from each other, meeting so boldly at the cross quarter cardinal points, frozen in time. A nod, a smile, a recognition of the within and the without.

Midsummer transitioning, and the turning point of life when the love you feed yourself turns itself into gold. Rising so that the timeless exploration of truth has a face and a name. The authority of personal power that receives an endless flow of natural support from the soul. Taking the lead whilst the rest of the heavens pair off.

Venus and Ceres in Scorpio: A heart felt dance that has been feeding the higher forms of love and care through the acknowledgement of personal truths.

Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius: Teaming up to think big, and bigger still without blinkers or ceilings.

Vesta and Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius: Dedicated to keeping lit the rawness of your rebellion.

Mars and Chiron in Pisces: Tending to the deepest scars with benevolent awareness and sacred acceptance.

Eris and Uranus in Aries: The fanatic that encourages the wild warrioress to exert her will.

Juno and Sedna in Taurus: Deconstructing relationships in order to prove loyalties.

With each aspect comes the responsibility to the self, and accountability for another. As we prepare for the return of darkness, each moment will be measured more intensely than before.

⭐ I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

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