Venus’ Return.

The Queen of the Dammed watches on intently as Venus fumbles her way through the darkness. Her descent into the Underworld is her weakness and her strength as she views herself with greater awareness. Her feminine grace and charm is being challenged by more important things, powerful things, like her reawakening. Granted safe passage into the Underworld, the God Mercury sees her stumble and helps the Goddess back to her bare feet. With words of wisdom he whispers into her ears not to give up, and that it is always darkest right before the dawn. Ever reliant on kind words, the Goddess adjusts her robes and bravely carries on. Persephone smiles, for she herself is well acquainted with the re-birthing and looks forward to the moment when the Goddess of Love is reborn as Venus Lucifer, the Morning Star……

The transit meeting of Mercury with the Retrograde Venus in Scorpio is a time of honest communication with yourself. The harsh realities that are presented to you by way of truth, pain, betrayal and loss can be talked though with enough gentle realism to keep your spirits high and your future goal clearly defined. Venus is weak in Scorpio, she is not comfortable entertaining the arachnid in her hand made silk robes. Her Retrograding descent, however, is a time when she is closest to the earth and therefore very powerful indeed. So, despite her distaste for the stealthy predator her overwhelming femininity, self love and high living standards ensure that she will rise again each day as the powerful Goddess that she is!


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