Aries Full Moon.

So, I could have focused simply on the inner planets this Aries Full Moon and commented on the mystic rectangle configuration and how the Sun-Moon polarity is playing in with our divine plan with fate, destiny and the soul’s evolution that we have all been working so hard on (deep inhale of breath), BUT I’m not that simple! My obsession with that infinite world above and beyond us made me tap into all the super cool points that my phone’s astro-program could possibly allow and to retrieve all those that fall within the first 5 degrees of any sign, and then cross-check the midpoints against the vernal zero degree Aries point……this is when shit got real!
That Black Hole at the Galactic Centre of the galaxy vacuums endlessly our human desire for personal growth and heart centred connections. With the planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, centaurs and uranian points positioned in every other sign we have an all-encompassing 360 degree flow of life-affirming inter-galactic energy to celebrate the Spring Equinox and Harvest Moon within us. The world is hardly big enough to contain what the pure heart has to offer! And our dedication to a new world is unstoppable as we each humbly plot and build close to home and nurture Mother Earth in selfless abundance in return. With Gaia’s child relying on the Sun God Apollon to provide a guiding light in the darkness of Pluto’s shadow, so too we will be able to ride out the fiery waves of passion that are boiling within us as the phoenix emerges from the ashes of yesterday. Truth and order rule the day amongst the volcanic activity that is guiding us towards greater synchronicities and a-ha moments in this season of increased hope and optimism. (Excited yet?)
Fortune favours the brave and what could be braver than being present with the self, sitting in bold acceptance of all of life’s loves and losses? What rises from within is the ultimate truth and your destiny’s calling, wearing heart on sleeves and breaking down the walls that kept one tied to patterns of calculated self-abuse and disintegration. Fortune does not go it alone either, fortune knows that healing and mass regeneration requires the whole of humanity to rise to gather and implement new structures of love and acceptance.
The I/We union of the Sun and the Moon in opposite signs is echoed by the integration of Fortune on the Descendant at the time of the Eclipse (AKA right fkn NOW as I write this!) and giving peace and freedom to the sacred union cemented in that loving acceptance of the one and whole. Thanks for reading.
I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.
“Precious, precious silver and gold and pearls in oyster’s flesh
Drop down we two to serve and pray to love
Born again from the rhythm, screaming down from heaven
Ageless, ageless, I’m there in your arms.” Jeff Buckley.


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