Sorry, Not Sorry!

As a prelude to next Tuesday’s Aries Full Moon, today the Moon connects in with Aries ruling planet Mars and the South Node/Dragon’s Tail in Aquarius. As emotionally detached as you may think you are being, the current astro-weather is digging up some passion and anger from the past. In a society where anger has been shunned, repressed or just plain belittled within the psyche it is easy to misunderstand the core of what is trying to be expressed. Mars’ square to Uranus could make you realize this suddenly, and/or let it out quite explosively. This is natures way of bringing awareness to yourself, and teaching you new ways in which to set boundaries for yourself. With Lilith nearby also, your demand for respect and equality is Huge! The good news is that the North Node/Dragon’s Head is joined with Varuna the cosmic equalizer in regal Leo. So, hold your head up because everything will be fine, these are lessons to learn on your journey towards greater self-awareness and manifesting the life that you want.


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