The Revolution Will Be Televised.

A tense grand cross in the fixed signs finds relief in balancing the scales as you ponder your mortal evolution and the soul’s divine purpose.
Mars is gaining momentum in the post-retrograde shadow and has formed his final square with Uranus. The urge to kick down doors, either in reality or within the psyche, is real indeed. With Mars in close proximity to the Black Moon Lilith and the Dragon’s Tail in Aquarius, your war cry will be the freedom fight of your life as you break free of the shackles of cultural conditioning and social limitations. In an attempt to balance the masculine and feminine archetypes and cross the stepping stone to your destiny is Venus in her detriment, reaching out to Lilith for inspiration of feminine strength and equality. With Venus opposing Uranus and her imminent retrograde cycle she seeks to be reborn again and again. After journeying in Persephone’s domain Venus will return as the morning star and the light bringer for all that have etched away at their private fears and loathings to connect to the radiant God and Goddess within.
Towards the Dragon’s Head is where you aspire to shed your skin outgrown and outworn. Discarded by the wayside, your higher self connects to nature’s way, and the Hindu King Varuna resets the cosmic tide and protects you from your ego pride as you transition through the ages.
With Ceres and MakeMake providing a nurturing and procreative boost to humanity, you find the balance to the energies that you seek and pour them forth unselfishly for you have acknowledged that the whole of the world is not whole when you hold yourself back.
These angles will connect in to all who’s birth chart has the heavenly bodies positioned within the first 5 degrees of any sign, reflecting the evolution of humanity on a global scale! Whoa.
I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.


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