The Goddesses Unite

The past few weeks I have been tracking the transit of Juno through Taurus and today marks the peak of my observations for Juno has formed a conjunction (in the same degree within a sign) with Sedna.
I’ve spent much time pondering the implication of this union for they are very, very different Goddesses. On the one hand we have Juno, wife of Jupiter and therefore the Queen of the Gods. She is high and mighty and totally dedicated to her role and position. She is fiercely loyal to her husband, even amongst the unfaithfulness that he brings her. Her fury at which sees her destroy the offspring that he has sired outside of their union, however, she remains dignified, classically beautiful and bathed in gold light. Her positioning in the birth chart describes what we seek in a marriage.
On the other hand we have Sedna, she refused all her suitors to the fury of her father who forced her to marry the dog. Disgusted, she runs from that scene only to be duped by another fellow that promised her more than he actually had. So she runs again. Her furious father finds her and attempts to drown her. As she clings desperately to the side of the boat, her father cuts off her fingers and down she falls to the ocean depths at which point she is transformed into the Goddess of the ocean creatures. Her indigo tones flow and swirl in a fluid dance forever more, her heart finally captured by the beauty of the darkness. Her position in the birth chart describes how we transform after dissection.
As you can see, these two powerful ladies have been brought together to teach each other something, and within the sign of Taurus is would reflect on the Venusian qualities of material security and riches. Both of these Goddesses are committed to their eternal role and kingdoms, I can’t help but think not without a bit of envy. Does Juno envy Sedna’s free will and individuality? Does Sedna envy Juno’s class and glamour? At any rate, both of these beautiful Goddesses will continue to inspire us for their unique and inspirational stories. With their guidance we can be who we are, be dignified and be humble at the same time. Thank you for reading.
I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.

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