A New Life Beckons

An invigorating t-square between Chiron rx at 0° Aries, Quaoar at 0° Capricorn and Ceres at 0° Libra is occurring above us as we speak, at the very sensitive cardinal points of the zodiac. That is, at 0° in the cardinal signs. With Chiron being the healing Centaur, Quaoar being the creation force and Ceres being the nurturing earth mother, you can see that this combination of vital asteroids and dwarf planets on the most active parts of the zodiac pertain to a period where the self is healed, invigorated and upgraded from the dedicated self-care that one has been practising. Post-eclipse season turbulence now has fertile ground in which to plant the new seeds of Spring!

“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse.

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