Venus in the Signs.

In Mythology, Venus is the Goddess of Love. She is sensual, materialistic and luxury loving. In a birth chart, she describes our primary love nature and how we seek to give and receive affection. She represents our attraction to a love interest, and she uses her feminine charms to get what she wants.
Venus is never more than 48 degrees from the Sun, so read the Venus Signs either side of your Sun Sign to feel out which may be your Venus Sign. Or, you could simply contact me for an Astrology Reading and we can go through all the aspects of your chart, including your love nature. I can even do couples readings, called Synastry, and highlight all those good bits and compatibilities between you that increases the flow of love and good vibes. Thanks for reading.

⭐I am the Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.
Venus in Aries: The aggressive nature of Aries is not sympathetic to Venus’ subtleties, so here the Venus in Aries native become quite energetic and ardent in the pursuit of her love interest. She needs a lot of physical affection, and can easily get bored (often being more interested in the chase than the catch).
Venus in Taurus: Taurus is ruled by Venus, so here she gets to enjoy all the material sensuality that she can possibly get. Wine, fire places, chocolate, and romantic dinners all appeal to the Venus in Taurus person. They are also attracted to someone with a lot of bank!
Venus in Gemini: Gemini is already super charming, and with Venus here you better lock up your sons! Super flirtatious, don’t be fooled if you think this Venus only has eyes for you. She’s already charmed her way around the room, twice, and made several after party plans. Don’t be surprised if she doesn’t show up, however, she’s probably found someone more interesting by then!
Venus in Cancer: The Venus in Cancer native shows her love by caring for and nurturing you. She tends to all your needs, makes sure you have a warm jumper and that you get home safely. Very gentle and sentimental, you hold a special place within her heart.
Venus in Leo: Leo loves the love! Leo expects to receive a lot of attention and admiration, but in return will love, love, love you until you burst! Leo has high standards so know that if Venus in Leo chooses you, you are very fine indeed.
Venus in Virgo: Venus in Virgo will show their love for you by fussing over you. At times, you may feel that they are being critical but that’s only because they want you to be your best. Venus here is devoted and reliable, though not always affectionate.
Venus in Libra: Venus rules Libra and here she is very relationship focused. Super aware and considerate of her partner, she may risk becoming too dependent on them. Fortunately, Venus here gives tremendous grace, intelligence and artistic talent too and is a valuable asset to any partnership.
Venus in Scorpio: Scorpio is too hardcore for Venus, so she will love with a deep, dark passion. She is aware of her own intensity so may avoid relationships for a long time, until she finds someone that she can truly trust opening up to and then love them with all the ferocity of her soul. She may experience jealousy and possessiveness in love.
Venus in Sagittarius: Venus in Sagittarius is free-loving and off-beat. She will avoid and avoid making commitments because she enjoys her individuality too much and is much more interested in exploring the world and experiencing life. She is very fun to be around and is the life of the party.
Venus in Capricorn: Venus in Capricorn does not like to waste her time, so unless you are serious, secure and self-respecting do not apply. Venus in Capricorn looks to the future, is ambitious and is a careful planner. She likes to provide for her love interest (if you meet her exact criteria that is), and is only interested in long-term relationships.
Venus in Aquarius: Impersonal Venus in Aquarius is more interested in making the mental connection. She is a bit quirky and will be into some strange topics, and you need to be too. Unusual locations and staying up talking all night will excite this Venus.
Venus in Pisces: Sensitive Pisces wears rose coloured glasses when Venus is found here. She has a blind spot to her lovers faults and only sees the good in them. She is dreamy and hopeful and all heart. The empathic lover that can spend all day fantasizing about living happily ever after.


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