Lions Gate 888

Venus is reveling in her luxurious role of relationship queen as she begins transiting through her home sign, Libra. It’s all romance and rose-coloured glasses from here on in, but every rose has its thorn, and this one is being pointed by a centaur from across the zodiac. Chiron, is the master healer, unfortunately he could never heal himself so when and where he appears represents the wound that never heals. The ever attentive Venus in Libra sees Chiron and she feels his pain also, and will not let him go it alone despite his protests.

The current Cancer Moon is connecting in with Venus and Chiron and is generously providing much tenderness and nurturing to those wounded by love, despite the stern stares from Saturn across from her that insists on prioritizing business over pleasure. But today is the Lions Gate 888, and if we all don’t fall in love again, and be loving, lovable and loved then the wound that never heals will continue to bleed.

We are mere days away from the Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo (Leo rules the heart), this time last year it was in Aquarius. If you can look back to where you were this time last year, and appreciate where you are now, then where you are destined to be will manifest sooner and better than you can imagine! The dream landscape is rich and open to all possibilities, it’s never too late to start dreaming, to start over and to reach for the stars.

“All things are possible, who you are is limited by who you think you are.” Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️

⭐I am The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.


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