Mars Square Uranus: Tension.

We are experiencing a pretty brutal wake-up call this week, further emphasized by the impressive Blood Moon Eclipse last weekend. The eclipse made close contact with the retrograding Mars which symbolizes our repressed passions being further overshadowed by the ego self. To add insult to injury, Mars and the Moon was also cosying up to the South Node. The South Node is a representation of the past, and therefore showed us all these buried hurts and angers and our default subconscious programming. For the unevolved, it resulted in lashing out at others in an attempt to protect the fragile ego. For those of us that practice self-awareness, massive introspection and seclusion has helped to weather the storm.

But the storm is not over yet. We are currently experiencing a very challenging square aspect between Mars Rx and Uranus in the fixed signs. This aspect is a bit like waving a red flag at a bull, with the expected results being much the same. Uranus acts like a thunderbolt and Mars is the God of war, so this can be a rather violent, sudden and catastrophic explosion! (Note: Mercury is retrograde too remember, so drive super safe and avoid the road rage. Accidents are heightened at this time.)

To avoid the literal headaches this week, allow plenty of time to yourself. This shift is difficult! Thank goodness the healing centaur, Chiron, is making gentle aspects to both Mars Rx and Uranus at this time. Chiron reminds us that this whole process is about healing the self. It can suck when we are faced with the truth of who we are and that’s exactly why we react defensively, but if we pause for that moment and bravely see our reflection staring back at us then we stand to learn and grow a whole darn lot.

There will be plenty for us to journal and meditate on in the lead up to the Leo Solar Eclipse occurring in 10 days. This time, however, the eclipse conjuncts with the North Node: our shining star. We have the opportunity to glimpse into the future and shine our brightest, kindest light. A light that shines with integrity, and is generous, noble, creative, and loving. A light that is lit from the embers of our own pure heart.

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