Juno enters Taurus.

In mythology, Juno was the loyal, albeit jealous, wife of the great god Jupiter. Despite his irregularities, she remained faithful to him and fulfilled her role of dutiful wife. Her type of love and devotion are constant and given completely to the soul mate. Juno therefore is connected to marriage and commitment, and where her asteroid is found in your birth chart describes the connection that you seek. Unlike the attraction that you receive from Venus and Mars in synastry, what you truly desire in a long-term relationship is to found with Juno.

Her entrance into the sign of Taurus heralds in a time when your relationships experience a period of grounding. Feeling the earthy comfort and security of this sign is greatly appreciated by Juno, who feels her commitment has stability and focus. Despite a brief encounter with the wayward Uranus at the beginning of  her Taurus transit, which challenges Juno to accept new ways of relating, she ultimately does not falter. And she never will. Juno’s patience is celebrated here, and so should you celebrate the person you are with.

Juno’s transit through Taurus will last from July 1st to September 30th, during which time you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of connecting with your soul mate.

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Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

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