Ceres and Venus in Virgo.

Jupiter’s sister, Ceres,  is the quintessential mother. She governs nurturing and family relationships, she is how we nurture others and how we need to be nurtured in return.  Ceres’ timeless fertility oversees a woman’s transition from maiden to mother to crone. She also rules over food, health and agriculture, she loves her garden and nature, and all the little animals therein. She is supported in the sign of the Virgin, as here the focus too is on health and tending to the harvest. Ceres will transit Virgo from June 28 until September 6.

During this time, from July 9 to August 7, another goddess spends time in Virgo: her name is Venus. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. She is sensual and materialistic, she loves love, sex, money, luxuries and aesthetics. She is charming and beautiful and seeks pleasure, comfort and appreciation. She is in fall in Virgo, meaning Venus’ hedonistic tastes are not supported by the Virgins scrupulousness and selective refinement.

So, while Mars has lost all motivation, the women of the sky have found their niche by taking care of business and fueling our bodies with wholesome foods, a warm fireplace and a glass of red. Sensible, practical purchases during this time will keep the ship afloat and everyone’s intrinsic needs cared for. Gentle exercise, like walking, is preferred during this time as are mind-body awareness practices like yoga and meditation. During this time when the lovely ladies of Mount Olympus grace the sixth zodiac sign with their presence, Virgo will shine with the beauty of the goddesses and we will all be able to appreciate her for her earthy youthfulness and focus on self-care.

agriculture cereal countryside crop
Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com



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