Surviving Mars Retrograde 2018.

Mars is the red planet, named after the Roman God of War. Where Mars is located in your birth chart describes how you go after what you want, it describes your passion and your physical strength too. The quickest way for Mars to get what he wants is by force, so Mars often needs a pep-talk in manners as he journeys around the zodiac. As a retrograding planet, Mars direct approach gets blocked, frustrated even, and he needs to find a plan B to execute his will. This Mars Retrograde period will affect fixed signs Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus most profoundly, as well as those born after the 20th of any month. Read on…..

Aries & Aries Rising:

Mars is your ruler, he is the fearless warrior that bestows endless stamina and courage upon your fiery sign, but now he is taking two steps backwards instead of riding gallantly ahead! The battles that you usually win face-on require a more strategic attack during this time. Think twice before squandering your precious energy on minor issues, by choosing your battles wisely you will save yourself from further frustration.

Taurus & Taurus Rising:

Fixed sign Taurus is focused and resilient, but during this retrograde period even a friendly bull could turn on the matador. With Uranus in your sign squaring off with Mars this entire time, you will be challenged to be your personal best and to light the fireworks in your own night sky. Sparks outside of the box will create the most dazzling display!

Gemini & Gemini Rising:

Air Sign Gemini is good friends with Aquarius, so this Mars Retrograde will effect the intellect most of all, however, your mental restlessness and sharp tongue could cause a misfire if you are not careful. With the pen being mightier than the sword, it’ll be best to direct those fighting words towards a daily brain-dump in your journal. Its also cheaper than therapy.

Cancer & Cancer Rising:

Mother Crab and the Water Carrier don’t have a whole lot in common, so you think you would be immune to the Mars retro cycle. Unfortunately, those feelers of yours are still picking up on the angst in the room. Keep your shell strong to avoid being caught in the splash zone and retreat to stage right if you feel you need to. Ground and protect little crab.

Leo & Leo Rising:

Now Leo loves the theatre, but this Mars Retrograde is occurring right backstage and causing all the actors to lose their minds! So what do you do? I’d like to say grin and bear it, but with Mercury Retrograde heading straight for the lions pride too, it might be easier just to stick your headphones in, turn up the beats and say “la-la-la-la-not listening!”

Virgo & Virgo Rising:

The tendency for Virgo and Virgo Risings will be to keep busy and let the circus sort out their own monkeys, try as you may though but your little body will still pick up on the agitations that are about. Take good care of your body during this time, with the goddess Venus entering your sign in early July, feel free to pamper yourself in the name of good health! Doctors orders.

Libra & Libra Rising:

Librans don’t appreciate Mars’ mode of operation at any rate, but this retrograde is occurring in a fellow air sign so it’s hard not to take it personally. If you don’t swing into full Judge Judy mode first, you’ll be asking to take a leave of diplomatic immunity in the name of self preservation. A peace loving sign such as yourself will need plenty of R&R to deal with the irrational confrontations of the public. Good thing it is winter and you don’t actually have to go anywhere.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising:

Mars rules Scorpio, but does that mean you need to sharpen that sting in your tail? No. Picking fights during Mars Retrograde is futile, the internal battle is the one in which you must win however. Being trigger happy simply means that you have been triggered, learn your triggers, spot your lessons and be the master of your own domain. Jupiter ends his mighty retrograde in your sign mid-July and you will thank yourself for honouring your truest path.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising:

Sagittarius doesn’t like to admit they have any hang-ups, but this Mars Retrograde is putting you off your game and your aim. Sometimes it’s not where your arrow lands that is important, but how it flies. A moment to test the wind direction on your fingertips will keep you on the pulse and make the release more enjoyable.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising:

Capricorns just had your Mars transit, but Mars wasn’t done with you yet. What have you forgotten to do? The last leg of this retrograde will have Mars stick his head back in to remind you. You’ve had so much going on in your sign lately, you can forgive yourself for not crossing that one ‘t’ that one time. The good news is that your ruler, Saturn, ends his retrograde a week after Mars does. And then it’s full steam ahead again!

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising:

So, this is where all the action is, or should I say reaction? Mars has been on the go slow for weeks now, I’m sure you’ve been feeling it – a little more cranky, a little more tired than usual, and where’s your head at? Thankfully, most people regularly ask that very question about Aquarius so you’ve been pulling a pretty good bluff so far this retrograde. Keep your cards close this winter and play them smart, no point going all in just yet (you’ll do plenty of that in the springtime). Keep warm, keep to yourself, preserve your energy and strength, you are currently re-writing the next phase of your life. The July 28 lunar eclipse occurs right alongside Mars too, throwing shade on your normally detached emotions, but if anyone can keep their head on during these wacky times, it will be Aquarius!

Pisces & Pisces Rising:

The final resting place of the zodiac is in Pisces. Neptune ruled, it’s easy for you to put the blinkers on and escape the rat race. The turbulence occurring one sign away from you will shine a dim light on your secret motivators. As you tune in and out of the daily grind, you may accidentally uncover what it is that you really want. When Mars is finally done with Aquarius mid-November and enters your sign, you will be able to produce your finest work: the ‘Summer of George’ in the sign of the fish.

Becoming familiar with your birth chart and the actual house that the Aquarian Mars Retrograde falls in will further highlight the area of your life that is under introspection at this time. To take the first step to becoming aligned with your planetary blue-print, simply reach out at The Astrology Seer, or on 0423702789 to receive an Astrology Reading.

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