Full Moon in Capricorn

The steely-eyed goat peruses everything that needs to be done. He enjoys the tasks and the responsibility of accomplishing them. No to-do list is too long for him, he works tirelessly, with the intention of crossing each one off his list, jobs well done.

Capricorn has been very busy, with some heavy planets hanging out in his corner. As I write, the fullness of the moon is channeling the heat-seeking missile otherwise known as Pluto, and creating enough penetrating insight and dedication to solve any mystery. Capricorns ruler, Saturn, is still in it retrograde course and keeping everyone in check. Before leaving the sign of the sea-goat, the moon will meet up with the Black Moon Lilith to remind her of all the reasons why she was cast out of Eden. Overall, this full moon is a productive accumulation of all the practical things that you have been putting off, or at least, waiting to finalize.

red grey feathered festival mask
Photo by Thibault Trillet on Pexels.com


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